Matt Scott

School Owner and Head Instructor

Hello, I’m Matt. I’m the head instructor and school owner of Kuk Sool Won™ of Erith. I’m a 4th Dahn Assistant Master black belt. As an Assistant Master, I have over 20 years of martial arts experience.

I started training in Kuk Sool Won™ when I was 11, in the children’s class of my local Kuk Sool Won™ school in Tamworth, Staffordshire. I attained my 1st Dahn black belt as a teenager in 2004. In 2010, I moved to London and joined the Central London Kuk Sool Won™ school. During my time at both previous schools, I was an assistant instructor supporting the teaching of students of all ages and levels. I have also competed in various UK and European Kuk Sool Won™ tournaments, and have won a number of bronze and silver medals at these over the years.

A question I often get asked is why did I start Kuk Sool Won™? The root cause of why I started martial arts training is unfortunately due to bullying. I’m lucky in that it wasn’t me whom the bullying was direct at, it was my brother. Over time, the bullying became more physical and my parents wanted my brother to learn some self-defence. They did some research into local martial arts schools, and one of my Dad’s friends recommended Kuk Sool Won™. Both my brother and my Dad started training, and a few months later I went to watch their first grading. According to my Mum, I spent the whole time with my mouth wide open in amazement – and I believe her! Watching that martial arts class was exciting, fun and interesting, so much so that I asked if I could start the next week. I loved the idea that I could learn something new each class, and that I could train with people to progress through the belts rather than competing against them. I still love those things about Kuk Sool Won™ even now. As for my brother, he learnt the skills he needed to defend himself which kept the bullies away and it gave him the self-confidence to re-build his life. My family started martial arts for practical reasons (self-defence), but it became a lifelong hobby for myself, my brother and our Dad because it’s fun, we get to learn and practice new skills, it’s helped keep us fit and active, and we get to enjoy spending that time with family and friends (many of whom we met through Kuk Sool Won™).

- 2000 - Started Kuk Sool Won™ in Tamworth, Staffordshire
- 2004 - Achieved 1st Dahn Black Belt
- 2007 - Achieved 2nd Dahn Black Belt
- 2010 - Moved to Central London school
- 2015 - Achieved 3rd Dahn Black Belt
- 2019 - Achieved 4th Dahn Black Belt
- 2021 - Opened Kuk Sool Won™ of Erith